Sucralose is a non-nutritive, non-caloric sweetener. It is about 600 times sweeter than sucrose. It is stable under heat and over a broad range of pH conditions. It can be used in baking or in products that require a longer shelf life.

Sucralose is a white to off-white crystalline powder and is freely soluble in water, methanol, and alcohol. It is slightly soluble in ethyl acetate. With a clean, sweet taste, it functions as a non-nutritive sweetener and flavor enhancer in number of products. The commercial success of sucralose-based products stems from its favorable comparison to other low-calorie sweeteners in terms of taste, stability, and safety. In 2018, sucralose was used in 60 percent of global new food and beverage products that included non-nutritive sweeteners and a sugar-related claim.

More than 20 years of study show its safety and efficacy, as it has no known side effects or adverse effects. The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body, so it has zero calories, no effect on carbohydrate metabolism, and no short- or long-term effect on blood glucose or insulin.

Food Processing recently featured sucralose as a method of lowering “Added Sugar” claims on packaging. Read the article, and get in touch for samples or more information!

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formats Powder, granular, micronized power, fine sucralose powder, liquid
appearance White crystal
packaging 25 kg net weight fiber drums with inner liners or as otherwise agreed upon
shipping Transport under cool, dry conditions in well-closed containers
storage Store in well-closed containers in a cool, dry environment
shelf life The shelf life of this material is two years from the date of manufacture if stored in recommended conditions.
conformity FAO-WHO Specifications

Food Chemicals Codex

European Commission Regulation No. 231/2012

Japanese Standards for Food Additives

US Pharmacopoeia

Kosher, Parve, and Halal Certified

Suggested Uses

  • Soft drinks
  • Powdered soft drinks
  • Baked goods
  • Juices
  • Ice cream
  • Yogurts
  • Tabletop sweeteners