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Apura Ingredients is a premier global supplier of high intensity sweeteners to the food and beverage industry. If you’re looking for your next innovative low-calorie or no-calorie sweetener, look no further.

We proudly distribute a diverse list of products & ingredients, including Aspartame, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K), Neotame, Stevia extracts, Monk Fruit, Allulose, Erythritol, and Xylitol.

At Apura Ingredients, we always ensure cost effectiveness, product quality, integrity and customer service are never compromised. The sweeteners we distribute are manufactured at the highest standards. Our internationally acclaimed team has a long history of comprehensive ingredient distribution experience; in fact, the combined global experience of the Apura Ingredients management team in the sweetener and ingredient market exceeds 100 years – making ours one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in the industry.

Apura Ingredients: experience, support, and value that will make you say, “Sweet!”


About Apura

While Apura Ingredients is relatively new company, its highly qualified global team has been in the high intensity sweeteners and ingredient industry for decades. Apura Ingredients was formed in order to create one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in the industry and has quickly developed into a premier supplier of sweetener ingredients to the food and beverage industry. Growth continues with North American offices in the United States. Apura Ingredients looks forward to continued expansion in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asian Pacific, and Africa as we build and foster long term credible relationships with our customers and partners.

While alternative sweeteners are flourishing, trends in the market are forcing the diversification of the products your company needs. Apura Ingredients knows that the market landscape for sweeteners will continue to change in the coming years. That’s why the Apura Ingredients team is committed to a long term strategy to ensure the current and future successes of our customers. Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to be at the forefront of change in the ever-evolving landscape of the sweetener industry. In addition, we consistently hold our suppliers to the highest standards and provide only those ingredients which represent the quality and integrity of Apura Ingredients.

Our Team

The Apura Ingredients management team is internationally acclaimed. With a combined over 100 years of experience, our global team’s extensive knowledge of the industry truly separates Apura Ingredients from the competition in the high intensity sweetener and ingredient market.

In addition, our ability to navigate with customers and partners puts us at the forefront of change in the ever-evolving landscape of the sweetener industry.

North American Team

Nancy Hughes
Chief Executive Officer

Kerry Kenny
Chief Technical Officer

Don Schwenker
Senior Manager of
Business Development

Dave Douglass
Business Development


U.S. Offices

Chino, California
Jupiter, Florida
Augusta, Georgia

U.S. Warehouses

Chicago, Illinois
Newark, New Jersey
Los Angeles, California

Main Office

Apura Ingredients, Inc.
14168 Central Ave., Unit A
Chino, CA 91710

Phone: 909-364-1158